About Aozora Investment Management

CEO Message

June 2020

Aozora Investment Management Co., Ltd has been established in February, 2014, as the asset management company for the Aozora Bank Group in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our mission is to provide products and services that will protect and add values to customers’ assets. Furthermore, we will support our financial institution customers for their important asset management operations which are crucial to their management.

We aim to be the asset management company that customers are willing to have a long relationship with us by offering trusted products and cutting-edge information.

We have launched 29 Publicly Offered Investment Trusts and 23 Privately Placed Investment Trusts since July 2014. Those products would be suitable to our customers from equity and debt market from both Japan and overseas. We look forward to the investors’ financial success.

We appreciate your understanding and warm support.

Masaaki Harada
President & Chief Executive Officer
Aozora Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Corporate Information

As of June 30, 2020

Company Name Aozora Investment Management Co.,Ltd.
Address 6-1-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
Business Financial Instruments Business (Investment Management Business,Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Business)
Established February 4, 2014
Capital 450 million yen
Ownership Aozora Bank, Ltd. (100%)
Board of Directors

Chairman: Toshiro Yanagiya
President & Chief Executive Officer: Masaaki Harada
Director (part-time): Takayoshi Nomura
Director (part-time): Masato Mano
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (part-time): Atsuhiro Yana

Registration No. Director General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau
(financial instruments firms) No. 2771
Member of The Investment Trust Association, Japan

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